"MÜ is a multimedia installationfeaturing children fairy tales, intended for infant schools. The educational purpose of MÜ is the early learning of hearing, musical and creation, through activities that can be played alone or in group."

The goal of the different activities is to improve sociability, autonomy and imagination. Moreover, the activities are designed to prepare children tobasic skills : reading, writing, oral expression ...

MÜ is an installation with a tabletop tangible multi-touch interface. The table contains a square screen, with which one can interact either with fingers or with specific tangible objects. The application reacts with animated images and sounds.

The table is connected to Internet to send children’s works on a dedicated website available for both teachers and parents. The goal is to create a new link between school and home.

MÜ is therefore both a new educational tool for teachers and a new creative expression tool for children.

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Mü objects : peter and the wolf Mü objects : peter and the wolf Mü objects : peter and the wolf Mü objects : peter and the wolf Mü objects : peter and the wolf Mü objects : peter and the wolf Mü objects : peter and the wolf Mü objects : peter and the wolf

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The mü project received the Youth Innovation Grant by Oséo.

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12.4.2008 - Mü overall winner of the EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards 2008 !

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About us
  • Béatrice Lartigue, Interactive & Graphic designer + Interactive Project manager

    Currently in freelance at Lab212 collective, she’s working on scenography projects : wall projections, multi-touch screens applications…

  • Pierre Thirion, Interactive & Graphic designer + Animator

    Currently in freelance at Lab212 collective, he's very polyvalent and adapt himself to various kind of interactive projects. : programming mainly AS3 and Processing.

  • Wahiba Khadri, Developer

    Wahiba develops in Belgium mainly with object-oriented languages such as PHP and AS3, and also with Javascript, AJAX and XHTML. She’s also part of Shapeflow, a graphic designers and photographers collective.

  • Erik Escoffier, Lead Developer

    Currently in freelance at Lab212 collective, he's interested in designing and coding innovative user experiences, particularly in the fields of e-learning, music, games and interactive installations. He mainly develops on the Flash platform (AS3, FMS, Air) but is currently investigating fields out of the web (OpenFrameworks, Python, electronics...).

  • Simon Doury, Graphic designer + Developer

    He now works at La Surprise as a web developer : he can deal with both design and development (AS3, PHP and Javascript). Simon is also a musician and a sound designer. Indeed, he plays electronic music in a band.

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Lab212 Collective,
68 boulevard de Brandebourg, 94200 Ivry sur Seine - France.

You can contact us at : team { at }